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Protect and Grow Your Retirement with a 401k Rollover

  • Gold is expected to reach $5,000 – 10,000 per ounce within the next couple years. The more “fiat” money the U.S. prints, the more gold will increase in value.

  • Gold held steady at $34oz and the U.S. debt remained around $257 Billion for 25 years (1946-1971). In 1971 President Nixon took the U.S. off the Gold Standard.

  • Gold has increased 58 times and the US debt has increased 66 times since 1971. Common sense shows gold increasing exponentially until the U.S. goes back on the Gold Standard, which is very unlikely.

  • The average person lost 40% of their net worth, including 401k’s in 2008. The next recession will make 2008 look like a joke in comparison – The next BIG recession is expected to hit between 2014 and 2016.


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Why Rollover Your 401k To A Gold IRA?

Have you considered how it will benefit you financially to rollover your 401k to a Gold IRA? There are many factors that should be considered when planning your future wealth. Simply dropping a small percentage into a gold 401k will not suffice. One must consider money lost from inflation, possible loss in the stock market, and, most importantly lack of proper planning for your retirement.

Let’s go over these items in detail. It is important to keep an open view and mindset when planning to build and establish wealth.


How much would $33,000 of your retirement dollars have been worth

if invested in gold instead of stocks before 2008??

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One of the first things to consider when developing your financial plan is inflation and what you are going to do to overcome it. Inflation has been at a steady 4% each year on average for quite some time. This should be noted, planned for and defeated.

Let’s assume that you are contributing 3% to your company’s 401k with this company matching you up to 3%. Annually you are contributing 6% with an average of around 2.5% growth on your money depending on how it is invested. This gives a total growth average annually of approximately 8.5%.

At first glance this may appear to be fine. But, most will forget to subtract 4% of this growth due to inflation. Now your 8.5% growth has been diminished to 4.5%. This is an average sum of growth for retirement, but there is no need to be average or thinking in such a manner when planning your retirement.

Another fact to consider is if you are starting a retirement fund later in life is that you are not going to have the same amount of time to build your “nest egg” to live off of the rest of your life. Investments that are proven to yield a higher return, especially in a downward economy should be utilized. Rollover your 401k Gold  to an IRA is a very viable option which will yield the results that you will need.


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The Stock Market

There are people that have made, and continue to make millions playing the stock market. The sad fact is, for every one of these self made millionaires, there are thousands of individuals that lose it all in the stock market.

The stock market is best used by those that eat, sleep, live, and breathe the market. There are thousands of people with more credentials than most people even know about that never make a stable and comfortable living trading, buying and selling stocks.

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Rollover Your 401k into a Gold IRA

Gold has always been the staple of financial security and has repeatedly proven itself a solid investment especially when the economy is less than perfect. Gold IRAs allow you to invest in gold for the aforementioned benefits all while also diversifying your portfolio.

On average, gold 401k investments have yielded a 12% return. This is ample growth to accommodate cost of living increases due to inflation and still have enough money to live comfortably. Think of it this way. The 12% growth on your money that you will experience if you were to roll your 401k that we mentioned above to a gold IRA would allow you to live off of the remaining 8% growth after the loss of 4% due to inflation and never touch the principle! You could essentially live very well and never lose money. Ever. This is a very powerful thing.


What Is A 401k Rollover?

401k Rollover  is the process of rolling over your current investments into an IRA that is Secured by physical Gold.  Gold has been the only sustainable currency over that last few thousand years.  The main goal of a retirement portfolio is to provide a secure, steady growing, time tested portfolio.  Look at what happened to so many retirement accounts after 2008, most of them fell by over 40%, while Gold experienced a very small dip and exploded to all time highs shortly after.



Is a 401k to Gold IRA Rollover Secure?

For thousands of years many different currencies and civilizations have come and gone, the only economic standard to sustain the test of time is Gold.  It stands to reason that Gold will continue to provide wealth for many more nations and civilizations in the future, it is after all the Go-To currency of the ages.  Every single nation or country to come off the Gold standard has eventually failed economically, the United States will be one of them.  Just compare the inflation rates from before we abandoned the Gold standard in 1971.  Before 1971, Gold, the U.S. dollar and stock markets performed at a steady pace.  The image below shows what has happened since.  The gap is widening, which road do you want your retirement to travel?  The Gold or the Blue?

gold vs S&P 500 since 1971

When Should I Rollover my 401k to a Gold IRA?

As soon as you legally can!  Either when you leave your current place of employment, voluntarily or not, or sometimes before you leave with what’s called an “In Service 401(k) Distribution”.  It is no secret that our current economy is in a state of extreme distress, uncertainty and debt, the value of the dollar drops every day while Gold may have temporary dips, but it ALWAYS bounces back up. In times past as well as in the future, when an economy fails, which we are dangerously close to (Government shut-downs are one of many signs), the government always moves back to gold as the primary or only currency.  Be sure to seek advice and step-by-step assistance from a trusted financial institution or broker.



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